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So, does anyone here know about licensing issues or does anyone here know somebody off-forum that knows about licensing issues? The facts so far are that the maintainers of both packages (GMP-ECM and GWNUM) have each given permission for this combined binary to be hosted here on the mersenneforum.

Does anyone know if this is enough? Maybe we can find documentation in the GPL or LGPL licenses that references situations like these? Can anybody think of other requirements that should be met before hosting this kind of binary?

In an attempt to make finding the answers a little more worth-while, I would like to let everyone know that using the GWNUM library in GMP-ECM can finish stage 1 anywhere from 1.1 to 5.5 times faster than GMP-ECM alone. The GWNUM library can be used on numbers (or factors of numbers) of the form k*b^n+c. And, from the little testing I have been able to perform, it seems the larger the input number, the greater the speed-up you can get from GWNUM in stage 1.

We would really like to post these (Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit) binaries here, but we want to make sure we are on the straight and narrow. Any comments or feed-back on these issues is welcome.
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