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Default Questions about software licenses...

With the help of PaulZ and GeorgeW, I have been able to compile 32-bit and 64-bit windows binaries of GMP-ECM with the GWNUM library. However, the binary prints a message saying:
Due to incompatible licenses, this binary file must not be distributed.
I believe this is due to the fact that GMP-ECM is licensed under both GPL and LGPL, and GWNUM is George's proprietary code.

Both PaulZ and GeorgeW have given permission to allow the binaries to be hosted at the MersenneForum, but before going forward with this, we want to make sure that this is enough. Is there anyone here who is familiar with licensing issues that can let us know what needs to be in place before such file hosting takes place? Is there any more information that is needed before an answer can be given?

Also, if I have mis-attributed any licensing information, George or Alex can let us know the correct information.

Here is a list of the files in GMP-ECM and GWNUM that have references to GNU General Public License, or GNU Lesser General Public License in them.
*** GMP-ECM ***
$ grep -i "gnu general" -l *
COPYING, COPYING.LIB, Fgw.c, auxi.c, b1_ainc.c, bestdaux.c
candi.c, compile, config.guess, config.status, config.sub
configure, countsmooth.c, depcomp, ecm-ecm.h, ecm-impl.h
ecmfactor.c, ecmfactor2.c, eval.c, libtool,
main.c, missing, resume.c,, runecm2.c, test.ecm
test.pm1, test.pp1, testlong.pp1, trial.c, tune.c

$ grep -i "gnu lesser" -l *
COPYING.LIB, auxarith.c, auxlib.c, bestd.c, ecm-gmp.h
ecm.c, ecm.h, ecm2.c, ecm_ntt.c, factor.c, getprime.c
ks-multiply.c, listz.c, longlong.h, lucas.c, median.c
memory.c, mpmod.c, mpzspm.c, mpzspv.c, mul_fft.c, mul_lo.c
ntt_gfp.c, pm1.c, pm1fs2.c, polyeval.c, pp1.c, random.c
rho.c, schoen_strass.c, sets_long.c, sp.c, sp.h
spm.c, spv.c, stage2.c, toomcook.c

*** GWNUM ***
$ grep -i "gnu general" -l *

$ grep -i "gnu lesser" -l *
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