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I have fixed the problem in the Linux client with results not being returned to the server whenever there is an internet outage or server problem at or before the time that the batch is finished.

Karsten, this took some extensive changes and several hours of testing over many different scenarios and conditions. The more difficult changes were in the pairs cancellation process. You have to test cancelled pairs/results being returned to the server while the server is down at that moment and then comes back up, after the last batch completed while the server was down and the server is currently up (or down), and of course the more usual where the user cancelled the last batch before it was done and wishes to return processed results and unprocessed pairs to the server while it is up and running. Personally, I didn't think to test multiple scenarios with the server being up or down in the cancellation process in alpha testing. I only did some of it in the regular process but obviously hadn't looked close enough at this problem that came up.

The main thing that I did was put it into a loop whenever the results were being returned. Previously we only had a loop when retrieving pairs but a similar loop is needed when returning pairs in both the main and cancellation processes. As it previously existed, the code always assumed that the pair return process worked correctly (that is that the server was up and the internet connection was good). Although the results were showing up in lresults_hist, file cleanup subsequent to the presumed pair return caused the converted tosend.txt file to be very "quietly" lost whenver there was a communication issue with the server.

Testing was done using both Riesel and Sierp files for n<1000 and for n=10K-10.1K. I didn't feel that an all out stress test was necessary since the communication with the server was little changed. But right now, I'm loading it on all of my machines so the main public drives will somewhat stress test it.

Attached are the updated script and README.txt. It is now officially version V0.71. I have added versioning comments at the bottom of README. Please edit the 1st post here to incorporate the changes in the client files.

Whew, I'm glad that is done. But now it's back in beta testing phase. We can't assume that it is fully correct yet.

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