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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
To issue #2:

When cancelling the server (same setting as for issue #1) while cLLR is testing pairs, the client will delete all files!
Only the done work during server-down is logged in the client 'lresults_hist.txt' but no tosend.txt anymore!

To fix this i will change the script as soon as possible!
Perhaps other issues to solve first.

THAT is the EXACT same issue as in the Linux client!!

I too will be working on that this evening.

I first noticed that something might be amiss when I dropped a server a few days ago to load more pairs. There ended up being some pairs that the server never received even though it appeared that the clients had sent them. I wasn't sure what the problem was at first. You'll see a posting from me from last Friday where I said there may be a problem in the Linux script related to that. It sure snowballed in a hurry as others found it also and it perhaps caused some other problems.

In our defense (lol), this was not an easy issue to see. I'm sure that like, do.bat "shows" that the pairs are sent to the server and sits waiting to get new pairs. The problem is that it never actually sends the previous results after the server comes up because it has already deleted tosend.txt. The server files needed to be more closely inspected when testing.

That's why we do beta testing. :-)


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