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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
I did quite a bit of testing with on my own Windows setup; I had it run for a number of days straight on a "production" server and it worked great. I'm not sure what could have gone wrong here. You mentioned a couple posts up that you see where the problem is; could you point me to it?

Almost all of should be OS-independent. I wonder if Tim's problem with it on Windows is related to the dropped-connection issue: possibly his connection cut out somewhere along the way on the times where he got "could not find lresults.txt" errors? It might be another manifestation of the same problem.
I didn't say that I know where Tim's problem is on Windows I know where MY problem is on Linux I give a lot of detail of it in problem #5. I'll start working on it within a couple of hours.

Don't worry about on the Windows side. We don't need two different Windows clients. It just complicates things. Also, having people use the DOS script is much better and easier since they don't have to download files related to running Perl.

Having it run for a # of days straight correctly proves little other than it works OK when there are no technical glitches along the way. It doesn't test exception situations like different bases, dropped internet connections, dropped servers, etc. You have to test the exceptions. I'm guilty of it on the Linux side. Although I ran a test with a stopped server on the Linux side, I failed to fully analyze all files. The client showed that the pairs were sent and that it was waiting for new pairs. I failed to check the server side and see if the pairs were actually received after the server came back up, which they were not; hence the problem.

Edit: I went ahead and modified the #4 problem from "due to lack of testing" to "due to lack of testing of exception situations".

Edit2: Please do not first assume that the problem is on the user's end as in "I wonder if it is a problem with Tim's connection". Usually it is not. I get so tired of hearing that from businesses and others when I happen to have problems with my internet connection, phone problems, software, etc. Most of the time when dealing with technically very competent users such as Tim, the problem is in the software itself, not with the user.


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