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To issue #1:

I've tested the following with the DOS-script downloadable in the first post:
the client and server are there and set up for a local test, knpairs contains 20 pairs.

- client/server as in V0.71-download
- server started with 'llrserver' in folder 'LLLRnet_server'
- client startet with 'do' in folder 'LLRnet_client'
- client completed first 5 workunits and sent to server
- client completed 3 from next 5 workunits, than stopped
- calling 'do -c'

- client-folder
  - lresults_hist.txt contains 8 results and note "Cancelled 2 kn-pairs!"
  - no file like workfile.txt, lresults.txt, tosend.txt or llr.ini
    so this is the same as a new installed client-folder, ready to start again!
- tray-icon of server says: 5 connections, 8 results
- server-folder:
  - results.txt contains 8 pairs, the same as in the client-folder
  - knpairs.txt contains the remaining pairs (8 first deleted)
  - joblist.txt contains 4 entries: 2 pairs with status 'working' AND 'abandonned' (cancelled)

do next:
- stopping server: tray -> 'Exit LLRserver'
- calling simplify.bat in the server-folder
- joblist.txt contains 2 cancelled pairs only (2 entries)

- starting server again
- starting 'do' again
- client is working on all other pairs, the 2 cancelled, too

- client folder: lresults_hist.txt contains all 20 pairs
- server folder: after calling 'simplify.bat':
  - results.txt contains 60 lines -> 20 results
  - knpairs.txt contains no pair, only worktype in first line
  - joblist.txt contains 12 pairs, all 'solved'
- calling 'simplify.bat' again:
  - joblist.txt contains empty list

-> all is OK!

So please Tim, test this again on your PC and post your result here!

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