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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Actually, that might be a tad premature. Tim, I see from your attachment that you don't have cllr.exe in your directory. That's needed for to work on Windows, and I just confirmed that it is included in the client package; did you accidentally delete it by chance? You might want to try again after putting it back.
Premature? How's that? Both Tim and Carlos (in the base 5 thread) have had problems with the Windows script. You can't be publicly posting something that hasn't been tested in the environment for which it was intended. That was a blunder on our part.

We should just stick with the DOS do script for Windows and script for Linux only. There is less testing that way. With version 7.1 of the Linux script, I will tweak the README to remove the part that says it "should" work with Windows. It "should" work if we had tested it, which we didn't.


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