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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Sorry, not that simple. Like I said, I removed the .exe's from the folder before attaching it, and it works sometimes, which it wouldn't if cllr.exe weren't there. cllr.exe is there. See:
Ah, whoops, missed that.
I've just started using do.bat, which seems to work so far. Edit: Hm, not so fast. I had finished 2 of 3 numbers, used do -c to report/cancel them, and it didn't seem to have reported the first two. From what it outputted, it seems to have canceled all 3 without returning the results. Here's those results:
2221*2^548899-1 is not prime.  LLR Res64: D2B93491410C1AE1  Time : 363.222 sec.
2401*2^548899-1 is not prime.  LLR Res64: 132E13C16414CEBF  Time : 365.859 sec.
Can you check if those numbers were reported as complete in the DB? I can't find any indication on the pages that they were. I don't care too much about the credit for two numbers this size, and they're probably already assigned elsewhere, so I guess we'll just have a spot double check...
If it was indeed returned, the output should really be changed to reassure you that they were returned and not canceled (like the Perl version, IIRC).

Whenever you have an idea for me to check something to troubleshoot either of these things, you can tell me (here or in PM) and I'll try it. I'd like to get this worked out.
It seems both of those results were canceled; I have them listed in port 6000's results.txt as completed by Gary, so they must have been canceled and reassigned.

BTW, even if they weren't successfully canceled or submitted, the server would eventually reassign them in 2 days; so they wouldn't be "missed" per se, i.e. no need for a later spot doublecheck of them.
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