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I'm getting this a lot of the time when I try to run the LLRnet script: (it also will do it after it's ran properly for some time, but does it most of the time)
(this is with on Windows)
| LLRnet client v0.9b7 with LLR v3.8.0   |
| M.Dettweiler, 2010-02-20, version 0.7  |

Error: could not find lresults.txt.
(this appears instantly; if cLLR was called at all, it must've exited immediately)
I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but I'm guessing that LLR is not getting called correctly (and/or is rejecting the input it's getting), and exiting immediately without showing anything I can see (and then, of course, the script sees that no lresults.txt exists, because LLR didn't run correctly, and exits with the above message).
I haven't looked into why this is happening much yet, but I'm attaching all the non-exe files from the folder, so hopefully one of the script's writers can reproduce, troubleshoot, and fix this.
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