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I've uploded the new V0.71!

NOTE: I've changed the link in the first post here (without Version-number in file-name).

This Version contains:
- Changed handling of option 'OutputIterations'
- History in the ReadMe.txt
- Changed the first paragraph wordings

I will tidy up the lua-files the next weeks, with changes made against the original version from Vincent Penné.

If nobody got any enhancements, i got one:

For now the server only saves the time a pair was done by 'counting' the seconds the server sent the pair to client and received the result. So if i set my WUCacheSize to 50 and those 50 pairs take almost a day, the server will save them with timings of about 86000 seconds although cLLR only needed 1000!
To support this, the server- and client-side has to be changed and the server has to handle 'old' clients, too, which don't send the timings.

This should be the next change in a Version 0.8.
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