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I've updated the WIN-DOS script with that latest improvement:

To change the parameter "OutputIterations" for cLLR (# of iterations between outputs) only break the script by pressing CTRL-C, edit the option on top of 'do.bat' and start again (after updating with this new script, of course!).

Default value is 10000. If this value is different from the default, it's written to 'llr.ini' everytime a new set of pairs will processed.
If 'llr.ini' exist (when batch stopped while cLLR was testing) the value is updated, so cLLR will immediatly take this new value!

I've also updated the file in the link in the first post (only WIN-version).
The same script is attached here (rename it to 'do.bat').


Note on 2010-03-30: With the new version the attachment is obsolete and was deleted here! Please refer to the link in post #1! (kar_bon)

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