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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
yep, the change will first be set when llr tested all pairs in workfile.txt.
after getting the next set of pairs, the script will write again/new llr.ini with this new iteration-setting!

this could be done in the DOS-script by telling to update the llr.ini with code like this:
type llr.ini | find /v "OutputIterations=" >
echo OutputIterations=%1>>
move /Y llr.ini >nul
with parameter %1 as the number of iterations.
so the script could be stopped while llr is running and starting again the script (with a parameter or comparing the current setting) with changing to this parameter and continue llr-testing.

i can make this modification, if needed.

It seems a little bit cheesy to have it do something incorrectly for a short time and then do it correctly. If it's not too much trouble, yes, I think the change should be made.

Thanks for the info. on making the screen wider Tim. Regardless, I'm not looking at my machines 99% of the time so I'd rather not have the iterations show up.

One more thing: How do you easily change do.bat? When I made the change to the # of iterations, I renamed do.bat to do.txt, modified it in notepad, and then renamed it back to do.bat. Is there an easier way? A novice might wonder how to change the various options since you can't just edit do.bat.

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