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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Edit: I just noticed something. It corrects itself after the first batch, writes the line to llr.ini, and stops outputting every 10,000 iterations. I'm surprsied that me trying to move the statement ahead of the "if" statement right ahead of it did not fix the problem. So it is a more minor bug than I originally thought but it still is a bit annoying.
yep, the change will first be set when llr tested all pairs in workfile.txt.
after getting the next set of pairs, the script will write again/new llr.ini with this new iteration-setting!

this could be done in the DOS-script by telling to update the llr.ini with code like this:
type llr.ini | find /v "OutputIterations=" >
echo OutputIterations=%1>>
move /Y llr.ini >nul
with parameter %1 as the number of iterations.
so the script could be stopped while llr is running and starting again the script (with a parameter or comparing the current setting) with changing to this parameter and continue llr-testing.

i can make this modification, if needed.

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