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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
The old LLRNET client kept a zxxxxxxxx file maintained during a test in case the test was interrupted. cllr doesn't. One is created if a ctrl-c is enacted.

Any chance of maintaining a zxxxxxxx file for cllr just like LLRNET did.

The reason I ask is that I had a power failure and lost any work done on current tests.
LLR/cllr updates its z* file per an amount of minutes specified in llr.ini (the DiskWriteTime= option). If unspecified, it defaults to 30 minutes. From what I've observed, I think old LLRnet saved at 50% through the test in addition to every 30 minutes (which may have been configurable there as well, depending on whether it actually read the llr.ini file that was usually included with the client--I don't think it did).

While it would be rather hard to change this in standard LLR/cllr, in the script you can change the frequency at which it saves its z* files by setting the $iniOptions setting as follows:
$iniOptions = "OutputIterations=10000\nDiskWriteTime=1\n";
...which would set it to 1 minute. Note that while this probably isn't possible in do.bat since it handles setting OutputIterations differently, does work on Windows as well as long as you have Perl installed so if it's particularly important you can use that.

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