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Originally Posted by CedricVonck View Post
I've downloaded the zip, but apperantely I need to install a mysql db.
I am only able to set-up oracle & ms sql 2k5 but I have no clue how to start with mysql.

If you don't want to mess with MySQL, you may want to try an earlier version of PRPnet that doesn't use it. MySQL support is new in v3.x and is still kind of experimental. The latest non-MySQL version is 2.4.7; you can get it here. There's one little bug in it that keeps the email notification feature from working; that's since been fixed, and Mark (a.k.a. rogue on this forum) has a patch that he can send you if you need it. Other than that, though, 2.4.7 is rock-solid and should work fine as long as you don't have an insanely huge load on the server (>50 clients on very small, i.e. n=50K or so, tests). The main reason MySQL support was added to 3.x was to allow it to handle higher loads.
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