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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I just now ran a client on 3.1.4 for the first time. A couple of nits:

1. LLR is writing an output status every 10,000 iterations, which causes too much screen scrolling. That can be set in manual LLR to something higher. How can we change that in the client?
That's a little difficult because PRPnet recreates llr.ini for each candidate. However, LLR is actually designed NOT to scroll, but rather just overwrite the previous line; it's prevented from doing this, though, by the smaller width of the console window pushing it onto the next line. This can be remedied by making the console window wider: on Linux, just stretch it sideways like you'd resize any window; on Windows, click on the little "C:\" logo in the command prompt's titlebar and then click Defaults; set Width to 90, click OK, and you should be all set.

2. I see the timing for each candidate in the file. We need that timing to be on the candidate in the prpclient.log file because the file is only temporary.
Hmm, right. Mark, could you possibly add that info to prpclient.log in 3.1.5?

Speaking of which, it would be helpful to have that in the server's logs as well. Heck, I'm not even seeing anything about returned tests in prpserver.log--is this an error?

As an example on #1, it is writing this:
2001*2^101941-1, iteration : 20000 / 101941 [19.61%]. Time per iteration : 0.15

I'll put a quad on it for a while. If working well, I'll dogpile most my cores later tonight.
I'll forewarn you, this may not be the the definitive dogpile--I don't think this release has even addressed the "no candidates on server" message yet (Mark, correct me if I'm wrong here), so we'll need to re-test after that's fixed.

Max, I added a Greeting.txt file so that it stopped writing out those not found messages.
Okay, thanks.
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