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I just now ran a client on 3.1.4 for the first time. A couple of nits:

1. LLR is writing an output status every 10,000 iterations, which causes too much screen scrolling. That can be set in manual LLR to something higher. How can we change that in the client?

2. I see the timing for each candidate in the file. We need that timing to be on the candidate in the prpclient.log file because the file is only temporary.

As an example on #1, it is writing this:
2001*2^101941-1, iteration : 20000 / 101941 [19.61%]. Time per iteration : 0.15

I'll put a quad on it for a while. If working well, I'll dogpile most my cores later tonight.

Max, I added a Greeting.txt file so that it stopped writing out those not found messages.


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