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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I assume we'll have a full stress test successfully completed before doing a wholesale upgrade of NPLB servers. 2.4.6 is running just fine. It can handle many clients on our higher n-ranges with no problem. It's just the lower n-ranges with many clients that it can't handle.

Right, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that. The only real problem with 2.4.6 is that the email notification in it is broken, but that's not a big deal since for all the NPLB public servers the DB can handle that. That, and there were a couple extra features (built-in sorting options, etc.) that were added in the also-stable 2.4.7, but I was too lazy to upgrade them since we didn't need any of those features right off the bat. I may as well keep them on 2.4.6 now until 3.1.4 (or 3.1.5 by the time we've nailed down these little issues here?) has passed testing.
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