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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Hi all,

I have now posted a Windows client package for PRPnet 3.1.3. (The Linux counterpart is still pending an inquiry I sent to Mark via email; it should be available within a day or two.) I recommend that all users upgrade their clients to the latest version; if you're upgrading from anything older than 2.4.4 or so, make sure that you use the new prpclient.ini included with the package as it has new options in it.

Note that as of yet, all of our PRPnet servers are still on version 2.4.6. I will be upgrading those to 3.1.3 over the next few days. In the meantime, the 3.1.3 client is fully backwards compatible with 2.4 servers (and vice versa).

I will be posting a new thread shortly with details about a new PRPnet 3.1.3 server which I've set up and loaded with small 12th Drive doublecheck tests for stress testing purposes. Stay tuned.

I assume we'll have a full stress test successfully completed before doing a wholesale upgrade of NPLB servers. 2.4.6 is running just fine. It can handle many clients on our higher n-ranges with no problem. It's just the lower n-ranges with many clients that it can't handle.

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