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Default PRPNet 3.0.0 Released

I have finally released PRPNet 3.0.0.

This is a beta release. I can only do so much testing of the various ways in which people will use it. Clients do not need to update, but I recommend that if you are using a pre-2.4 client that you upgrade. I intend to remove support for 2.3 prior releases of the client in a future release.

Note that this is a significant release on the server side. I think that about 80% of the server code was rewritten to support MySQL and multi-threading. I have done a lot of testing on Windows and OS X. Those features appear to be working.

As for minor clean-up, I suggest using the new prpserver.ini file. Many options have been removed from the old ini file.

Upgrading is relatively simple. d/l and install MySQL ( Create a new database, connect to it with the mysql tool then run the create_tables.sql script. Use the -u option with the prpserver executable to import the prpserver.candidates and userstats.ini files into the database. After you have verified the correctness of the database, restart the server with no command line options. The server will connect to the database directly through the driver, so a DSN is not required (or supported for that matter, although that could change). Modify the mysql.ini file in the server directly to point to your database. BTW, I also recommend that the mysql root user has a password. Although the PRPNet server has code to allow that password to be blank (the mysql default), it has not been tested.

I recommend upgrading slowing (one server every day) so that any bugs that crop up can be quickly addressed. Once bugs have been ironed out, I will open up to requests for new features.

I also fixed the SMTP issue, although I forgot mention it in the release notes.

Finally, the server_stats page looks completely different. It has a lot more data than it used to have. I am very open to splitting that page into two because it currently looks really cluttered.

You can d/l it from
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