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Let me also thank you, Mark, for your excellent contribution to prime searching. The new PFGW is a tremendous tool now. PRPnet is great for smaller volume operations.

On PRPnet, since it has been used at PrimeGrid, I was wholly under the impression that it was also for high volume use and as a smaller competitor for BOINC. I thought that was the intent of allowing the varying percentages against different servers.

Since it was your intent that PRPnet only be for smaller applications, I agree it is a great tool now. Unfortunately we've had to rein ourselves in a little here. It was our original intention to convert all NPLB servers except one to PRPnet but we've now realized that we can't do that. We have to define what is small and what is big at NPLB. For the time being, we're making n>600K small and n<600K big. That's the best we can do. It's reversed from the n-size because from the server's perspective, smaller tests are bigger because it means more load on them.

Yes, I have been harsh on PRPnet but none of it was ever intended as personal insults directed at you. I'm sorry if you felt that way. I was only under the impression that PRPnet was intended for high volume use and have become extremely frustrated at Max saying that it was "ready for high volume use", yet it wasn't. Max, were you aware that it was not intended for such high use? Somewhere along the line, I think both of us were mislead.

Regardless, I don't know the techie reason of why there are still issues in higher volume situations. Max has said that multi-threading is needed so I have to go with that. Also what I heard earlier is memory utilization, especially in situations where there is an unexpected outage of the server or clients. I know these are huge changes so for the time being, we shall go with the assumption that it can only be used in lower volume situations.


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