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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
I belive I mentioned over in the 7th Drive thread that that would probably be a good one to keep on LLRnet long-term, since eventually we'll have two other nearly identical drives running PRPnet, and Ian's already comfortably set up with that one. Do you concur?
Isn't that what I implied with "we'll probably still leave at least..."? You might wanna reread.

Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
You know, come to think of it, this is perfect timing to begin the PRPnet transition. As we're currently on the eve of having the new server ready, this way we can rather easily transition all the IB servers into new PRPnet GB servers--no downtime to worry about since the original servers will be drying out gracefully. And if G4000 is the one server we keep on LLRnet, that works fine since it's already running on dumpford and won't be too hard to copy over to a similar setup on the new server (as opposed to the rather different system David uses for administrating the ones he's hosting).
I'm confused. How are we on the eve of having a new server ready? Isn't one already ready and running? Begin the PRPnet transition? What does that mean? To me, the plan all along was to wait for current ranges on the LLRnet servers to be about 3 days from drying and create a new PRPnet server in their place on my machines with the next n-range, like we did for port G3000. problem here. We can't just make everything (except the 7th drive) PRPnet servers without the stats interface and Email notification working. First things first...let's get that working for port 3000. Then we can transition more servers as they are near drying.

Here's how I see the transition going:

1. You coordinate with Dave on getting the stats interface and Email notification working. (this week?)
2. I get my machines built and a call put in on getting a commercial account set up. (call will be made Tues.; machines built by Fri.; actual changeover to commercial account will likely be 1-2 weeks)
3. I do the various techie stuff related to the Smoothwall router and the such and coordinate with you to test it to make sure it is working well. (by Tues. the 8th)
4. You/we move all of the current LLRnet/PRPnet servers from Dumpford to the new machine. No new servers are created at this point. (Weds.-Thurs. 8th-9th)
5. About 3 days before each LLRnet server dries, create an appropriate PRPnet server with the next higher n-range and update our threads as necessary to reflect them. Optionally this could be done well ahead of time with appropriate testing to make sure the stats interface and Email notification is working. (various after Dec. 9th)
6. After each PRPnet server from #5 is verified as working/interfacing/notifying correctly, once again update our threads to reflect the changeover and inform Ironbits to phase out the appropriate server.

To accomplish this in a reasonable time frame, we'll probably need to have Ironbits reduce the n-range for the k=1400-2000 drive and have someone like me put a bunch of cores on it to dry it out.

Ideally it'd be nice to have all of this done by year end but I know I've delayed things quite a bit by dragging my feet on building the machines. At this point, a realistic timeframe would be by ~Jan. 15th.

This effectively avoids stopping a server in the middle of processing an n-range in order to change it from LLRnet to PRPnet. IMHO, that is a potentially messy nightmare to make sure all pairs get processed.


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