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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Thanks all for the tips and work on the PRPnet server. It's been a serious challenge but slowly and surely we've gotten close enough that I'm comfortable graduating all of our LLRnet servers to PRPnet servers as soon as the stats are interfacing with the DB. As Max had mentioned earlier in another thread, we'll probably still leave at least one drive on an LLRnet server for those who prefer them. NPLB has always been about choice; small, medium, and large candidates to test; and now manual, LLRnet, and PRPnet methods of searching.
I belive I mentioned over in the 7th Drive thread that that would probably be a good one to keep on LLRnet long-term, since eventually we'll have two other nearly identical drives running PRPnet, and Ian's already comfortably set up with that one. Do you concur?

You know, come to think of it, this is perfect timing to begin the PRPnet transition. As we're currently on the eve of having the new server ready, this way we can rather easily transition all the IB servers into new PRPnet GB servers--no downtime to worry about since the original servers will be drying out gracefully. And if G4000 is the one server we keep on LLRnet, that works fine since it's already running on dumpford and won't be too hard to copy over to a similar setup on the new server (as opposed to the rather different system David uses for administrating the ones he's hosting).
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