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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
It seems to me that you want a custom webpage. If you know how to write HTML, it shouldn't be hard for you to create a custom one by modify the appropriate class.
The problem is, I know nothing of C++; the closest thing I know is Java, which was enough to allow me to make rudimentary changes like switching the BKCN and Length variables.

Also, one particular advantage of having the web pages generated by a separate script is that I can copy off the actual results files, convert them to LLRnet format, and post it to the web in incremental updates throughout the day. This is useful for providing updates to the NPLB stats database in 1-hour increments throughout the day (rather than just once a day when the results files are copied off). See the "Results since last copy-off" link at for an example.

But, yes, it would be an interesting idea to check out. Possibly we could make a couple tweaks to the built-in web pages to add some extra functionality. Nontheless, probably the best solution for NPLB would still be to have a separate script-generated status page to complement PRPnet's built-in pages.
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