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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
If you'd prefer it sorted by length, (which is practically by n for NPLB's purposes) this is a simple change in PRPnet's source: prpserver.cpp line 1446, change "theCandidate = g_CandidatesByBKCN[i];" to "theCandidate = g_CandidatesByLength[i];". I've tried this, and AFAICT it works perfectly.
Not sure if it's worth making the change each version, but there it is.
Outstanding!! Thanks for the great tip Tim.

Max, can you please make this change to the various PRPnet servers, recompile them, stop them, and restart them. Perhaps you can call the changed binary "prpservern", which indicates that the prpserver.candidates file would be sorted by n. The sorting of the candidates file has always annoyed me greatly. You can't quickly tell what candidates are handed out to people. You also can't quickly tell what the "true" lowest and highest n-value that are remaining.

You'd also have to do this with each new version of the PRPnet server that comes out unless you can talk Mark into making it the default sorting method in the code. For that reason, I would not suggest putting the version # in the name of the changed binary. We'd have too many of them very quickly.

Another thing, can we delete all of the previous temporary prpserver244 binaries from the various prpnet folders? I also see that one of them has a prpserver230, which I assume can be deleted. That way I'll always know to restart them with the prpserver binary as needed.


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