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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Also, PRPnet sorts its prpserver.candidates file (its equivalent of LLRnet's knpairs.txt, for the uninitiated) by k primary and n secondary, regardless of what order it's actually going to hand out the pairs. Thus, the first and last k/n pairs shown will reflect that. (Again, this is still largely close enough for most purposes, as the lowest n for the first k will probably be rather close to the true lowest n. If you need more granular detail, you can get it per k on the built-in PRPnet status pages.)
If you'd prefer it sorted by length, (which is practically by n for NPLB's purposes) this is a simple change in PRPnet's source: prpserver.cpp line 1446, change "theCandidate = g_CandidatesByBKCN[i];" to "theCandidate = g_CandidatesByLength[i];". I've tried this, and AFAICT it works perfectly.
Not sure if it's worth making the change each version, but there it is.

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