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Behold! We now have a PRPnet status page somewhat like the one we have for the GB LLRnet servers:
The first thing the script does is convert the results it's dealing with to LLRnet format, which saved me a lot of work on my end and also ensured that things are largely the same for the end user. The main difference is in the part that displays the #, and first and last k/n pairs remaining. I changed it to a more general "lines in prpserver.candidates", since PRPnet uses two lines to denote assigned pairs, thus meaning that this is close to, but not exactly, the # of k/n pairs remaining. (The exact number would be rather difficult to determine, though this should be close enough for most purposes.) Also, PRPnet sorts its prpserver.candidates file (its equivalent of LLRnet's knpairs.txt, for the uninitiated) by k primary and n secondary, regardless of what order it's actually going to hand out the pairs. Thus, the first and last k/n pairs shown will reflect that. (Again, this is still largely close enough for most purposes, as the lowest n for the first k will probably be rather close to the true lowest n. If you need more granular detail, you can get it per k on the built-in PRPnet status pages.)

Note that as of now, the first and last lines have the text "N 0 active" on them. That's part of PRPnet's prpserver.candidates format, and I haven't gotten around yet to writing code to parse that out for this status page. I'll get around to that eventually, though it's only a cosmetic difference so not quite my highest priority.

Probably the biggest benefit of this status page is the fact that it keeps track of all primes found in a file, a la the LLRnet status pages. That should simplify prime-checking greatly until we can get email notification working again.

(BTW: yes, I know G2000 isn't on the status page yet as of this writing. I'll do that next.)
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