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Max, after accidently turning the backup off after unplugging it (in an effort to silence it), I've now restarted all of the GB servers. You might check them to make sure everything's OK. One thing a bit strange that you might check out: For port 3000 that you added since the last time I restarted all the servers, there is no prpserver244 program. I had to run the more usual prpserver program instead.

OK, everyone, here's the scoop: I'm quite disappointed. With my one server machine running full bore on all 4 cores along with other stuff connected that uses virtually no power like a land line phone, router, modem, and fan, it drained ~80% of the battery backup in ~40 mins.

After spending $250 for a top of the line backup, I'm ready to send it back. Ergh! Anyway, the bottom line is that the backup appears to only be good for < 50 mins. I guess to have a longer backup, I'd have to not run the machine full bore.

The good news is that I can only recall 1 (maybe 2) power outages in 3 years of living here that lasted > 30 mins. From my perspective, that is certainly acceptable so I will leave all 4 cores running.

I guess what bothers me the most is that I had hoped to use it to back up 2 or 3 machines running all 4 cores for at least an hour. As it is, it will stay only on the server machine. I suppose that typical backups are not intended for modern machines running 4 cores full blast.

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