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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Yes, he said he was going to do that around Thanksgiving. Gary, how'd that go?
I forgot about it. I'll do that now. One problem: The server machine is the only one on it now. I hate to let it shut itself down. I think what I'll do is let it run halfway down and double that time. Hopefully the little indicators of power remaining are reasonably accurate.

I'll report back here after the test is done.

Edit: Hah! I goofed. It makes a shrill beeping sound when it goes into battery mode. The instructions seemed to indicate that you had to hold the button down 1 second to make it go silent. Unfortunately that shuts it off. I subsequently found out that just a quick press silences it. So I just caused my own outage. Ergh! So you may see an outage on the GB servers of 5-10 mins. as I get them all restarted.

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