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We get a fair amount of snow and ice in KS (and MO, which I'm 10 miles from) but that is virtually irrelavent to my outages. The summertime is virtually irrelavent to my outages. What IS relavent are thunderstorms in the spring and early summer. Although KS and OK have many tornadoes, those are mostly concentrated in the open plains. I am in the large metropolitan Kansas City area. Tornados are surprisingly rare here. (Much to my chagrin because I do enjoy storm chasing. )

In other words, the outages are largely random except in the spring and early summer. The problem is that the house that I bought, while not too old (built in 1986), is near a main street that still has above ground power lines unlike most of the rest of the area. I see KCP&L working on them frequently. If they will finally pony up the cost to bury them, I suspect I will have almost no outages. Before I was divorced 5 years ago, I lived 5 miles directly west of here in an area mostly built in 1990-1992. All lines were buried. We probably had a total of 5-6 outages in 14 years. Here I've had an avg. of 2-3 per year.

So it's mostly the above ground power lines and to a much lesser extent the weather that affects how many outages we have in the metropolitan area. I've had outages when the whether was perfect because someone ran their car into an electric pole or a bird landed on a line wrong and shorted it out.

Max, you said the status page (i.e. for the LLRnet servers) is for informational purposes only. That's true but it's highly important information that is needed ASAP for the PRPnet servers. If someone doesn't get Email notification of a prime, then it may not get reported for weeks or ever. I realize that the admins can check the primes on the server but we shouldn't be relying on that. Also, we need to be able to quickly see how many pairs are remaining in a server without having to add up every k-value.

I don't know what you mean by "the DB replicates much of that page's functionality". There's nothing that replicates the LLRnet status page's functionality or usefuleness. I'll reiterate again: The current PRPnet status pages are effectively useless for NPLB.

To drive home the point further: I'm not inclined to move any machines to the new PRPnet server for the 5th drive until we KNOW that the Email notification is working OR we have a status page that shows the primes. I suspect issues like this are why Ian wanted to either continue with an LLRnet server or do the next range manually for the 7th drive. If 2 admins are not inclined to use PRPnet servers, then I'm sure others will avoid them also. The Email notification has to be permanently fixed and/or a status page is needed that everyone can see.


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