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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
So what are you putting together Gary?
Gary's building two computers, one as a dedicated server box for NPLB, and the other as a replacement for his desktop which died a while back. The server is intended to run the stuff that is currently on David's servers (which he's shutting down next year) as well as the stuff currently at

Since this will be running the website and all of our other primary things, Gary's also getting a commercial-grade internet connection so that he can have a static IP address. The No-IP dynamic DNS thing we've been using so far for has been working largely OK, though whenever his IP address changes (which it does periodically, especially in the summer when his router goes offline a lot due to power outages) it takes a while for client computers to update their DNS caches, thus leading to up to a few hours of effective downtime. This should eliminate that problem.

Lastly, one part of the new setup which is already in place is a UPS backup for the server machine itself (currently it's on dumpford, which is running the GB servers until the new server's ready) and Gary's router, cable modem, etc. That should adequately protect the server from power outages of up to at least a few hours. Thus, theoretically the only outages we'll have to worry about are long-term ones (which probably don't happen too often in Kansas, where AFAIK they don't get too much ice and snow), and times when the cable lines themselves go out.
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