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Originally Posted by pb386 View Post
I'm not saying this is a good way to do it but:

On some machines I give them a particular k value (starting from the bottom of the range I am testing) & then I can leave them to get on with it with little intervention.

Other machines I take a k range (starting from the top of the range) and sort them by size & give the machines a couple of weeks work to do. This is a bit more labour intensive so I'm now wondering why I do this.

The ones I am waiting for are in the first category where a slow machine or large file is allocated to a machine & is just going to take a while to finish. I wondered about taking them off & finishing them more quickly but I can't really be bothered as they will finish soon enough anyway. I guess that's the point of the second method so you don't get 1 machine stuck with weeks of work when the others have finished.
i dont know how your machines are set up but would a personal prpnet server help you?
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