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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
The LLRnet server files can be downloaded from here:

windows version
linux version

The first thing to do is to change settings on llr-serverconfig.txt file, see bold text.

serverName - IP address of your machine

port = 100 - port, don't forget to open it on your firewall settings, UDP and TCP ports, open everything

maxConnections = 30 - max connections the server can handle simultaneously

jobMaxTime = 4 * 24 * 3600 -- 4 days - wu's will expire in x seconds

prunePeriod = 0.5 * 24 * 3600 -- 1/2 days - prunes the knpairs and the joblist txt files each X seconds

--displayFormat = "%s*2^%s+1" -- use this for PRP type test - for Proth numbers
displayFormat = "%s*2^%s-1" -- use this for LLR type test (default) - For Riesel numbers

serviceName = "NPLB_LLRserver" - if you run more than one server you should name them different

Below you'll find my llr-serverconfig.txt file content:

Next step is to create the knpairs.txt file. This one is the main file of the server and it's equivalent to an input file for manual LLRing (where you have the candidates to test). I usually download the file from the reservation thread. For the first time you just need to rename it to knpairs.txt and move to the server folder. If you are already running the server you always need to stop the server if you want to update the knpairs.txt file, this is very important. Stop the server, open knpairs.txt with notepad and add the work at the end of the content of knpairs.txt.
After everything is set up you can run the server by clicking on llrserver.exe file. The client runs on system tray, you have a console if you want to check the behave of the client. Its output is something like this:

You can easily check the pair proposed and to whom.

The results received by all clients will be written in a file called results.txt with the following format (base 2):

You can always move results.txt file from the server folder that the server will always create one, never do this for knpairs.txt.

Doubts? I know my English is poor...

Thanks a lot for the guide. But I have a little problem with my own server. I set it all up, copied a sieved file into the folder, named it knpairs.txt and started the llrserver.
Now the file joblist.txt is written, but it is nearly empty. All it contains is: "jobList = {
Shouldn´t there be the pairs, what to do next? Can I do something on this behavior or is this all correct?
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