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One little command is there to solve both your problems: llrnet -c
It cancels (one at a time, so repeat the command) your reservations with the servers. When switching servers/ports, exit LLRnet (preferably with wasting as little work as possible by doing it when the number you're crunching is at a low %, i.e. you just finished and reported a number) then run (from the command line or make a shortcut for it) llrnet -c until it says there's no work left to unreserve, then change the server/port and start LLRnet normally.
Thanks for the answer Mini-Geek
Yes - this is OK for the Linux-clients, but how about the GUI-client in Windows ? (I have one of those too)

And yes, the deadline is 3 days, so in this case (as long as you reserve less than ~24 hours of work) you can just keep your work and finish it when you get done with the 48-hour challenge. If it would be longer, you'd want to unreserve your work.
Nice - then I just stop'em during the challange and resume'em when it's finished
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