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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Stupid question time - I tried to post on the new forum but it won't let me, even though I did the verification thing from the email.

How do you know if you find a prime? I see a bunch of threads about posting if you find one, but how do you know?

I'm running multiple clients on a Windows box, not as a service.

I don't see any user account pages here to look at returned results.
First of all, what exactly do you mean about the new forum not letting you post? It should at the very least allow you to post a message, though it won't show up until a moderator approves your registration (a similar thing happens here at mersenneforum). If it didn't allow you to post at all, then that's definitely something I haven't seen before.

Regarding primes: as gamer007 said, once we've got your email it's pretty much automatic. Alternatively, you can check the individual clients' logfiles (search lresults.txt for lines containing the text "is prime"), though this is often somewhat time-consuming, and rather superfluous with the email notifications in place.

Regarding user account pages: we don't have individual per-user stats pages (at least not yet). However, most of the same information that would be displayed on a per-user page can be found at the following pages on our stats site:

results by user:
results by team:
# of primes by user:
# of primes by team:

All of the above pages are, by default, sorted by weighted score (to account for the fact that some workunits take longer to run than others). Of course, the raw unweighted numbers are also displayed (and you can click on the column heading to sort by those instead).

Hope this helps!

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