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Default PRPNet released!

I am releasing PRPNet 1.0.0 as a beta to this forum. There are two parts to this application. The first is the server, which manages candidates for PRP tests, assignments, and test results. The second is the client, which communicates with the server to get work, performs a PRP test, then returns the results to the server. This software is designed to replace LLRNet once it is stable, but not to compete with BOINC/PrimeGrid.

At this time the server only supports numbers in the form k*b^n+1 and k*b^n-1, although supporting other forms should be possible. The server has the ability to send an e-mail reporting PRPs to the person managing the server and the person running the client who found the PRP. The server has the ability to manage double-checks. It can also manage Sierpinski/Riesel searches by removing all matching k/b/c values if a PRP is found.

The client has the ability to run either LLR or phrot (as external applications) and will automatically choose the better program for the PRP test depending upon the base of the number to be tested. The client can queue up multiple tests, although the server has final say over how many tests a client can have outstanding at one time.

The server also has the ability to run in a master/slave mode. A slave is another server, but it has a copy of the master server's candidates file and syncs with the master based upon configuration.

I could go further into the numerous features that are in the software, but I'll leave that to the interested parties who want to run the software.

Of note, this is a beta. This is complex software with many features, some of which are not fully tested, including:
  • double checking
  • master/slave
  • some recovery scenarios

I have also not build the .dsw/.sln file needed for Visual C++/Visual Studio, although that should be really easy to do and have thus not provided native Windows builds of the software. I expect few (if any) issues when building in Windows.

Please report and bugs and feature requests to me at rogue (at)
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