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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
run this attachment through the script and i think u will see what i mean
12*15^1-1 is prime, in the sieve file and is the first prime for that k yet this prime is not found because the k=12 sequence is removed when the k=2 sequence is removed
if u look in the t17_b15_prim.txt afterwards you will notice that after k=2 is removed an enormous amount is removed

it is possible to avoid this bug by having all k values the same length
many even k-values will be removed because for n=1 they're primes!

look in the file b15_n1_prm.txt:
there're k=2 and 12 found as prime for n=1

in the resultfile b15_n1_res.txt these are trivially factored!

the script extract all k's not prime/PRP from this res-file: the chars from beginning to '*' (multiplication) will be written in the next test-file.
so all seems ok!
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