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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
however i have found one bug
if you find a prime for k=2 then it removes sequences k=12, k=22 and so on when removing the k=2 sequence

this bug wouldnt affect the base 3 search currently though so it would be useful for that

a prp file containing all primes found would be nice
please give me your example you tested to eliminate this fault.

for the prime-file: yes, it would be better only the PRP in a file like LLR (only 'k n' pair in it, perhaps with header).
in the included "t17_b2_prim.txt" there are all primes with many other infos but not to handle so easy, you're right. will do that.
another point i think is to show the number of k's remain in the resultfile.

i think i can change this over the weekend.
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