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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
i wrote a script to automate the testing with LLR for Riesel sequnces base b.

Step by hand:
- test with LLR
- if prime/PRP is found, delete the sequence from test-file
- delete pairs tested by LLR
- create new test-file

all these steps are here in one script and a batch-file.

All you need:
- GAWK: a text-processing DOS-tool, which run special code-files (text like BASIC)
can be found here:
only need 'gawk.exe' in bin-folder (v3.1.6, 352768 bytes)

- cLLR: the Command Line version of LLR
i use cLLR because there is an option 'StopOnSuccess': when a prime is found, LLR stops!
can be found here:

create a test-file like
82769 1024
124439 1024
132599 1024
put the four files (gawk.exe, cllr.exe, do.bat and read_res.awk) in a directory, include your test-file and call 'do' at a DOS prompt.

please read the file for instructions: there is a special name (created by srsieve) for the beginning test-file.

i included a test-file for the Riesel-Problem k*2^n-1 for k=1-509203 and n=1024-10k sieved to p=108603139.

the whole file was tested on my Pentium D DualCore at 2.8GHz in 70 minutes (see log-file).

any suggestions/errors?
please test and tell me you opinion.

the file can be downloded here:

the phase from the beginning say n=1 upto ... i wrote a script for, too. but i have to make some changes before posting here. hope the next few weeks.

Outstanding work Karsten! Like I said in my PM response to you, I'll have to take a look at this. This is something we've definitely needed here for quite a while.

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