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Originally Posted by dswanson
Just started processing 8904871 this evening using v22.8. From the results file...

[code:1]Trying 1000 iterations for exponent 8904871 using 448K FFT.
If average roundoff error is above 0.2414, then a larger FFT will be used.
Final average roundoff error is 0.23979, using 448K FFT for exponent 8904871.

I'm not sure what typical values are for the average roundoff, but it looks to me like I just squeaked in under the limit 8) . This one should finish Monday afternoon; I'll post results then.

Next in the queue is 8980007, which is just over the P4 448/512K breakpoint at 8.97M. I'll post numbers for that one too.
The P4 448/512K breakpoint is 8908000 for v22.8+, so 8.98M is not in the softcrossover range. George posted the new breakpoints to the Mersenne mailing list on August 14th. He has not updated any of the webpages to reflect these new breakpoints yet.

Oh, btw, for the exponents I posted above, none of them actually activated the softcrossover feature, but I thought the roundoff errors I got would be helpful anyways.
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