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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I'm using Windows.

I think I must have commented out that line, not realizing what I was doing.
I'm not certain because I downloaded and briefly played around with LLRnet a while ago (that's where my two in the stats came from), and I don't remember for sure what I did or didn't change, but I do remember the GUI didn't work last time, when I did the two.

Trying to remember back, yeah I think I commented out the line thinking it meant a remote connection only, not referring to a local connection which just happens to technically be done like a remote.
Okay--now that I read your post here, as well as read through your original post again, I think I see what might be the problem keeping you from controlling both cores with one GUI. In llr-guiconfig.txt, both of your listings are named "Local". I would suggest you try renaming one of them to "Local2" or something else like that.

Not that I have ever tried it myself, just a hunch.
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