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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Well, they'd all be from NPLB, so that wouldn't be a problem. I just wanted to check that it doesn't mess with the results file it makes. Is the results file it makes even necessary to submit anywhere (for NPLB, at least), or is it just useful as a list of the primes I've found?
I have had the same dilemma about files finishing in the middle of the night and I despise idle machines. It is perfectly fine if you want to combine input sieve files together.

Karsten, that would be an interesting request for Jean. Since LLR just ignores subsequent 'header' lines, perhaps he could make it read any header that it comes to and 'switch forms' as it goes. Sometimes I have wanted to test both Riesel and Proth primes in the same file.

About results files...I have debated long enough about whether to collect them with this project. I think Karsten and Anon agree that we should collect them. You can do this in one of 2 ways; it doesn't matter to me. You can attach them in a status post here or Email them to me at:
gbarnes017 at gmail . com. I'll post something more visible about it.

When posting or sending results, if you have combined more than one file in a single results file, just make a quick comment about it. This is less important if the ranges are contiguous but if they are not, one of the ranges can become 'misplaced' in my mass of files if I'm unaware of it ahead of time.

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