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I probably started a trend here that was not a good idea so I'll take the blame for it. Since there's no formal posted sieved files like on the various RPS drives...beginning with n=600K, it would be a good idea to wait until we're done LLRing any one 25K range (or whatever range Curtis decides to release larger ones in the future) before reserving the next range.

If not, then I reserve n=600K-625K, 625K-650K, 650K-675K, on up to 4M.

Seriously...on another note...I don't know if everyone may be aware of it, but I think Curtis will want to take the range of n=600K-632K for himself for a specific goal that he has. I just wanted to make sure there are no stepped-on toes, Curtis, if someone wants to reserve above n=600K in the near future.

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