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Patrick- glad you're interested. pm me your email address, I'll send the 500-530 file when it's ready, likely Monday evening-overnight.

Since multiple people are interested in supplying LLR work, I set a second core on sieving; I should be able to provide a 25k chunk every 5-6 days this way. I suppose I can also suspend my fanatic over-sieving of ranges; the 500-530 chunk will be sieved to nearly 30T as it is.

Gary, I'll send you 530-550 roughly next friday, around 33T on the sieve. Since the FFT length just jumped at 480, this range should be pretty close to optimally sieved at that level. I think there will be another jump around 550-575, so I'll run the sieve quite a bit deeper before releasing 550-600.

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