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Default Reserving up to n=520/530K...

Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Sieving is complete to 25T so far.
470-500k has been reserved and sent to Gary for processing.
Since I don't have mod privileges, and don't want to stick Kosmaj or Larry with administering yet another reservation thread, I'll ask anyone interested in work to "reserve" the range in this thread. At the same time, pm me your email, and I'll send the file.

For now, I'll work in 20k or 30k chunks. 500-520/530 will be ready in a few days. Anyone want it? 470-500 contained 1400 candidates.

If there are no takers, I'll take up to n=520K/530K; however you divide it up. I'll put 2 cores on it. At an avg. of 400 secs./candidate at n=500K, 2800 candidates from n=470K-530K would take 6.5 days.

Technically it should take even less time. A test around n=470K showed a smaller fftlen and only took about 300 secs. I'm not sure how long the fftlen stays less though.

I wish my BIG k's LLR'd this fast!

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