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I could never vote for someone where I wasn't sure which their first name and which their last. You just can't trust folks like that.
Forgot to add: can't trust men with women's first names (and versa vise-a), neither, e.g.

- Men named Pat, Sally, Nancy, etc*. (Even John Wayne ditched the original "Marion", though I thought the Morrison part would've been a good keeper - "Wayne" is layin' on a bit thick, wouldn't you agree? Plus it just sounds a little too nasal-whistly peanut-butter-stuck-to-roof-of-your-mouthy for my taste in heroic movie action figures.)

- Women named Jules, Pat, Michael, George, etc.

(Despite its being incredibly banal and milquetoasty-sounding, "Pat" in particular seems to be a good weeder-outer of people with extreme views, cf. Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, etc. Note that people who insist on the gender-specific completion are usually OK, for instance Patrick Henry, Patsy Cline, and so forth.)


*Note that "Leslie" is OK for a man, since there the spelling is distinct from the girlie version. Besides, I could never vote against the "Naked Gun" guy.
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