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Default Present features of LLR program

Originally Posted by Citrix

Is multiplying number mod a^a-1 as fast as multiplying numbers mod k*2^n+1. Which one is faster? Secondly can LLR support a^a-1/a-1 and a^a+1/a+1?

Presently, the LLR program is a special one, it is devised to prove the primality of numbers of the k*2^n-1 and k*2^n+1 forms. On numbers of any other form, it can only do PRP tests, and is then equivalent to George Woltman's PRP program.

Its speed performances are mainly due to the using of the gwnum library code, so, they are the best for calculus modulo k*2^n+b or k*2^n-b, with k and b not larger than 2^20, either for primality proving or PRP tests.

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