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VB. Great sport descended from rugby via American football and basketball. One can play this for most of a lifetime. Started playing for fun in high school. It has been great fun for decades. Sand, grass, or hardwood court, though I prefer summer sand. Used to play up to 6 days a week, with widely varying skill levels, which required mode switches daily. One day it would be low-skill recreational with an older crowd and a 2-hit-minimum rule, next day rec league play, another day intermediate, low-skill 1-hit-over allowed, college & young professional coed, and sometimes 3-player or 2-player a side intermediate/power on a Sunday afternoon (some of those folks could play 2 vs 6 and hold their own!); another night 3 hour stretches in a school gym followed by pizza and cards. Occasionally won or placed second in league playoffs; first prize was the coveted free pitcher of beer and bragging rights. Over the years, opponents and teammates have ranged from +30 to -30 in age differential, not counting minors. It could be great fun to whip a team of twenty-somethings, with a team averaging 50-something years. Skill, experience, and a bit of psychology combined to get that done, or to get a 6-inch-taller fit skilled opponent fully committed to an airborne block and then gently arc the ball just out of his reach to plop in the sand behind him after he windmills futilely at it. The spike-fake and confidence in their teammate meant the rest of his team didn't react to cover for his miss.

Darn pandemic put an end 2 years ago to the new team I had assembled the year before, a mix of 30s and 60s with real promise.
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