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Default Manual creation of .m polynomial file for size opt

I've been able to manually create the (default named) file from CADO-NFS polynomials, as described in the msieve.nfs doc, and run the root opt (-npr) on the file successfully.

I'm not able to create the described msieve.dat.m file and run msieve size opt (-nps) successfully. I've matched existing .m files with my format, taking:
<leading_alg_coefficient> R1 R0
from the CADO-NFS polynomials, including making sure R0 is positive. But, Msieve fails with:
error: corrupt polynomial expand
expand failed
error generating or reading NFS polynomials
The first two lines are repeated for every entry in the .m file, and the .ms file is empty.

The worktodo.ini composite is the same as when I manually create and process an .ms file. I see no additional information in Msieve generated .m files.

What might I be missing?
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