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Originally Posted by mart_r View Post
Here's the updated table 7 for you, including the Pari program where I previously forgot to adjust the variable names to the text.

And here's a decuplet too: (193,057th prime of s = 289) * 1,889 + {220, 238, 378, 624, 934, 1048, 1414, 1612, 1678, 1750}
where the 193,057th prime of s = 289 is
Yay! *Throws up a single confetti* Or is that called a confetto?
Oh! Look at how the number starts off... wait... contfrac((log(a)/log(10)) = 796; 2, 41939, 2, 101, 1, 7, ... - nice!

Now at p=1931... but, you know, the year 1931 was not an especially nice one in terms of history. I'll continue to crunch the numbers down. I am unstoppable!!

You know, it only recently occured to me that those numbers have a subtle crude sense of humour, looking at the point where the first sextuplet appears.
It's a shame that extending the search made so little difference lower down. From 599 to 797 the difference is only 1. I was hoping that more could be eliminated. Maybe some more could be if the easiest targets are attacked rather than everything.
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